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Five workshops will take place over the course of the 2nd Helmholtz Sustainability Summit. Each participant chooses a workshop when registering. Over the two days of the event, each group will stay in the same room and tackle the workshop in three sections based on the same theme but focusing on specific topics. The content of the three workshop sections is outlined below.

Quest 1 – Clarifying the question, expert stimulus, uncovering the first treasure

This initial two-hour quest session includes preliminary introductions among the group. The group will clarify the task and be prompted to discuss the workshop topic. This should result in initial findings, unanswered questions and statements for further reflection. Research into new ideas can be conducted overnight.

Quest 2 – Finding treasures – working out detailed solutions

In this one-hour section, participants will review the discoveries that have already been made, focusing on the details and developing the ideas as necessary. This task can go in many different directions, resulting in ideas for implementation, draft guidelines/proposals, criticism or suggestions for further work.

Quest 3 – Summary and review of the results

In the final one-hour session, participants will prepare a report for the whole summit, being as creative as possible. If necessary, they can request support from the Helmholtz Sustainability Forum Working Group, the Helmholtz Association or other groups.