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Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures!

Due to COVID-19, the second Helmholtz Sustainability Summit will take place over two years, in two parts. You are cordially invited to attend!

On 9–10 September 2021, we’ll be networking and tackling all the topics covered by the LeNa report in various formats in a programme devoted to ‘People, research, energy: using resources efficiently’. Details to follow.

Helmholtz Sustainability Digital Warm-up 2020

The digital warm-up session at 10.00–11.30 am on 12 November 2020 will focus on the topic of ‘socially responsible research’. It will address the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’ of research and look at criteria for examining the impact of research: Did I work transparently as a researcher? How did I deal with complex issues and uncertainties? Could my research have implications for society that I haven’t considered?

We would be keen to discuss these and similar questions with you in our digital warm-up session, which is based on a special research project on sustainability. We’re excited to present the research project ‘Superfibres from wood’, led by Professor Stephan Roth.

Will wooden houses be created by 3D printers in the future? It might sound like science fiction, but a joint research team from KTH Stockholm and DESY has produced the strongest ever biomaterial from cellulose nanofibres. These biodegradable fibres are stronger than steel and have even greater tensile strength that spider silk. The scientists envisage a number of promising applications for the material. It could serve as an alternative to plastic in cars and aircraft or as rotor blades for wind turbines. It also has the potential to reduce plastic and packaging material.

Professor Roth and other experts will also take part in a live discussion with participants about sustainable research and what research in social responsibility actually means in the context of the criteria mentioned above.