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Helmholtz Sustainability Talks

The Helmholtz Working Group Sustainability Forum cordially invites you to the start of our online seminar series Helmholtz Sustainability Talks on April 11, 2024 from 14:00 to 15:00. In each seminar, we want to focus on a specific area of sustainability, share valuable experience and facilitate questions.

To kick things off, we are dedicating ourselves to a sub-area of sustainability communication: The art of sustainable revolution: Empowering communities. This talk will highlight the importance of sustainability communications, giving an overview of how the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) Sustainability Office and Sustainability Group (an employee initiative), work together to raise awareness and encourage the sustainable development of the DKFZ. Shiv and Hollyn will discuss the steps needed to implement campaigns and a seminar series as well as challenges met along the way. They will show you how having a well-established communication channel can have a positive impact on integrating sustainability into your institute. 

About the speakers

Hollyn serves as the Sustainability Coordinator for the DKFZ, where she is responsible for developing and implementing the sustainability strategy for the DKFZ and organizing awareness campaigns for employees.
She has a Master of Science in Sustainability, Society and the Environment from Kiel University and worked as the Project Planning School Coordinator for a German-Danish rural development project before joining the DKFZ.

Shivohum (Shiv) is a PhD student at DKFZ and he enjoys doing something extra that makes an impact to the place where he works and to the environment. Together with Hollyn, he focuses on communicating about sustainability through the DKFZ sustainability seminar series which has been running for almost two years. He enjoys getting and giving ideas on how we can improve communication and believes that communication makes a positive impact in creating a sustainable mindset.