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Our response to COVID-19: ensuring a safe Helmholtz Sustainability Summit

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2nd Helmholtz Sustainability Summit is taking place under special hygiene and social distancing conditions with a limited number of participants. As the event organiser, we have developed a detailed hygiene plan for the summit to make participation as safe and pleasant as possible. The following measures apply for the summit and, if necessary, will be adjusted again at short notice in accordance with official requirements.

You will no doubt be keen to learn about the measures that we have taken to protect your health and your data. We have outlined the most important aspects for you here.

To minimise the risk of contracting COVID-19, we need your help, too. In the second section you’ll find an overview of the general rules for the event, which all participants and the event team must observe.

Before the event

Participants are required to choose a workshop and thus a fixed group when registering online. Switching to other groups during the summit is not permitted. When registering, you will have to declare your willingness to comply with the rules set out here. Only those who accept these safety and hygiene regulations will be permitted to participate in the summit.

Depending on the workshops selected, participants will be assigned specific entry points and times. These must be observed.

Activities that could put your health at risk, e.g. attending large-scale events, should be avoided as far as possible for at least seven days before the Summit. The RKI regulations apply to anyone travelling back from high-risk areas.